The Benefits of Registration

The British Llama Society maintains a database to enable members to register (and non-members who chose to so register)their llamas, crossbreeds, guanacos, camels and vicunas, thus giving each animal a unique reference number to enable identification of that animal.

It is a requirement implemented by the BLS, that each animal so registered must be microchipped. This facilitates recognition of an animal regardless of its physical appearance. Such identification is of huge benefit to new owners who wish to know the parentage and history of an animal new to them. Furthermore, microchipping becomes an essential tool in proving true ownership if animals are stolen or escape and also if they are found to have a notifyable illness, from this identification it facilitates tracing its contacts.

Enables proof of ownership if animals are stolen or escape.

Facilitates tracing of possible contacts If animals are found to have a notifiable illness.

Ear tags

The BLS does not recommend the use of ear tags because they can result in torn ears.

Camelids are browsers and they are liable to catch their ears in hedges and fencing.

Camelids challenge one another and sometimes play in a boisterous manner, biting or holding on to another animal’s ears and causing the potential for ear tags to be ripped out.


Registration enables a history of the animal and its parentage to be constructed. Such identification is of benefit to new owners and to those who wish to breed for type, colour, confirmation and temperament.

Defra and AHVLA

The BLS regularly receives requests for information from DEFRA and the AHVLA. We are expected to have accurate and up-to-date records of the numbers and distribution of llamas, crossbreeds, guanacos, camels and vicunas within the UK.

Upon request, general data trends such as the overall number of animals and typical herd size are passed to DEFRA or the AHVLA.


In relation to the recent TB crisis within the camelid community, DEFRA has been in regular correspondence with the BLS concerning the level of compensation that would be paid for an animal that was found to be infected and, as a result, put down. It has been suggested that the fixed compensation may only be paid if the animal were registered with a “relevant” breed society.

The BLS board is aware that some members feel there is nothing to be gained in registering an animal that they have owned for many years or have no intention of selling but you will note from the points listed below that there is much to be gained, particularly in relation to the current situation concerning DEFRA and its requirements. Please pass this information onto any owners you know of who are not currently members of the BLS.


Donations for the BLS Llama Welfare and Rescue Fund are always gratefully received.  More information can be obtained from: Mr David James (Treasurer)