Since 2014, we have been fundraising for a llama welfare fund

BLS Llama Welfare Fund
Llama Chute

The BLS board has purchased a llama chute from Annie Austen of Watertown Llamas for use by members. The chute is ideal for restraining calm llamas for a number of procedures ranging from simple injections through shearing to the taking of blood samples for testing. The chute was paid for from the welfare fund and has already helped numerous owners and their llamas. To enquire about borrowing it, please contact any member of the board.


Much needed income for the welfare fund comes from a variety of sources: donations from events and socials; donations from current and previous members; and donations from both people who have used our help to rehome their llamas and from those who have taken in unwanted llamas.

Asking for help

Members in genuine need may apply to receive a grant from the welfare fund. Each application is treated in the utmost confidence and dealt with on a case-bycase basis. Monies have helped to pay for operations, transportation costs and the BLS chute, as well as TB testing and other associated costs incurred in some of the more drastic welfare cases we have been involved with over the years. Please contact a member of the board if you wish to apply for financial help.


Donations for the BLS Llama Welfare and Rescue Fund are always gratefully received.  More information can be obtained from: Gwen Winters (Treasurer)