Conquering the Cave of Imminent Death!

I had been searching for many months for a reason why our llamas appeared to be frightened to walk past their field shelter – it was by far the quickest way to exit the paddock into the corridor that linked all of the paddocks with the stable area (which is where the food and fresh […]

Curious and Keen… But Able, Gifted and Talented?

Based on my recent experiment of putting an acrylic mirror in one of the llama field shelters and being amazed by their reaction to seeing their own reflections (see ‘Conquering the Cave of Imminent Death!’), I had been pondering the question ‘Do my llamas get bored? Would they welcome some additional enrichment in their lives?’ […]

Is it just the way they stand?

In their native countries llamas are bred for work and thus conformation is very important. In our situation here in the UK, good conformation will help your llama have a long life of soundness. Figure 1 shows a diagram of a llama with a good overall conformation and showing names of the various parts of […]