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To register an animal with the BLS, please contact our registrar, Vivienne Ives 

The British Llama Society, in common with most breed Societies, operates a registration system so that members can record on a central database key information relating to their Llamas, guanacos and any cross-bred camelids. Members are encouraged to register their Llamas and Guanacos and the information required for registration is set out in the Registration Form. Where details of the animals’ parentage and/or grandparents are not known, the Society will take the animal onto the register upon confirmation by the member that the animal appears to be true to type and free from congenital defect. The database will track animals as they are transferred from breeder to new owners, to non-members and back again provided the relevant information is given to the Registrar. Every animal on the register has a unique five digit herdbook number, commencing with 5 for Llamas, 3 for Guanacos, 8 for suri Llamas, 6 for Vicunas and 4 for Camels. The database enables the Registrar to trace an animal by herd book number, name, owner, and microchip. NON-MEMBER OWNERS A non-member can request a Registration Certificate although the fee will be 50% more than the current Certificate issue fee. The animal(s) will be recorded with a status of ‘non-member owner’. If a member allows his/her membership to lapse, the animal(s) involved are maintained on the database with a status of ‘ex-member’.


If an ex-member rejoins, then the registered status is restored. IMPORTED CAMELIDS Special rules apply to imported animals. The Society will require all imported animals to be inspected by a vet to check that they are sound, in good health and appear to be true to type. Full details are available on request. The process is simplified if the Llama is registered with a reputable breed society in its country of origin. NON-REGISTERED CAMELIDS Animals regularly appearing as ancestors, but not registered or listed, may be included in the register with as much details as is available. These animals will be given a six-digit herdbook number starting with a 9 and designated ‘N/R’ in the database. These animals may be owned by members or non-members. Thus the animal will appear in the ‘family tree’ as ancestors to animals being registered. If a member buys a non-registered animal it may be registered by that member subject to the checks mentioned above. THE REGISTRATION CERTIFICATE A Registration certificate is issued to the ‘registered keeper’. If the animal is transferred to a new owner, the certificate should be returned to the Registrar with the name and address and membership number of the new owner. If the new owner is not a member, the Registrar will retain the Certificate and write to the new owner inviting them to join the Society. HERD NAMES A breeder or owner of a Camelid is required to register their Herd Name. The Registrar will allocate a unique one two or three letter herd reference. If a chosen name has already been registered an acceptable alternative will need to be put forward. All animals will be registered with the herd name as a prefix. CHANGES IN DETAILS The Registrar should be notified of changes such as a male being gelded, a Camelid dying, or the registered animal being micro-chipped. The Registrar will update the database – there is no fee payable.


CROSS-BRED ANIMALS The Society strongly urges members not to deliberately cross-breed animals. The Society will register them as the aim is to achieve an effective and accurate database. They will be allocated a herdbook reference number commencing with an 8. REGISTRATION STATUS A registered animal is designated ‘R’. An animal formally approved for breeding is designated ‘RS’ for male and ‘RD’ for dam. Where an animal is imported with a minor or correctable defect or for UK bred animals where the data available indicates that the Llama is not true to type, the animal will be designated ‘PR’. If the Registrar is notified that an animal has a major breeding defect, this will be noted in the register and designated ‘L’.

Registered in England

Registered office: Mansion House, Princes Street, Yeovil, Somerset BA20 1EP.

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